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SHOP HERE – Pictou County

Applications will be accepted until all spaces are filled.

The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce and the Pictou County Regional Enterprise Network (PCREN) are launching a SHOP HERE program for restaurants and retail businesses in Pictou County.  This program is possible through a $40,000 grant secured from the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce.

As a Pictou County retail or restaurant business, you can apply to the SHOP HERE program that will provide:

Benefits of participating in this program are:


How do I apply

Step 1: Read the eligibility criteria.





Step 2: Submit a complete application 


Step 3: Work with the SHOP HERE committee.



Applications will be accepted until all spaces are filled.

Application Contact Information
General Business Information

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Application Questions

Please provide all social media handles

By hitting submit I am confirming that I have carefully read the application guidelines and eligibility criteria for this program, and confirm that the organization, group or consortium I represent meets the eligibility criteria.
  • I will act as the representative of the organization, consortium or group and will keep all participants informed of the application content and any decision.
  • I agree to work with the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce, PCREN, and contractors selected by these organizations.
  • I agree that if selected to participate in the program that I will keep my website up-to-date, and that I will notify the PCREN about any changes to the url or information about my business that is visible on the website.
  • I agree to provide content to the PCREN in a timely manner to update my businesses information on the site, as requested by the PCREN.
  • I understand that the failure to complete requested tasks on time and in a timely manner that the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce and the PCREN may remove my application.
  • I understand that at anytime the PCREN can remove my website from the site.
  • I understand that my application submission does not constitute a guarantee of acceptance into this program.
  • I understand that due to fund and other restrictions that the site in future years dissolve or undergo redevelopment in which my business may no longer be featured or I am asked to reapply.
  • I understand that as this program consists of being featured on the site that I may be asked from time to time to update my business information and photos on the site.
  • I accept all of the declaration statements above that are applicable to me as an individual application or as a representative of an organization, consortium or group.
  • I understand that not accepting these statements as true will affect eligibility for this application.