Please contact each business to learn how to place, pay, and receive your order.  The links below are organized by municipal unit. There is also a map.



Municipality of Pictou County

Deb's Hidden Café

Phone: (902) 382-3444  | Location: 4149 Scotsburn Road, Scotsburn

Deb's Hidden Café Facebook Page


Crossroads Country Market 

Phone: 902-922-2090 |Location: 9489 Sherbrooke Road | Hours Restaurant: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

Crossroads Country Market website

Crossroads Country Market Facebook Page


Uncle Leo's Fine Ale

Uncle Leo's Fine Ale Online Shop


Piper's Landing Country Dining 

Phone: 902-485-1200 | Location: Highway 376 

Piper's Landing Restaurant Website

Piper's Landing Restaurant Facebook Page


New Glasgow

A Slice of Home Bakery and Cafe 

Phone: (902) 695-9200 | Location: 813 Abercrombie rd, New Glasgow

A Slice Of Home Bakery & Cafe | Facebook Page


Alice's Pizza Blue Acres 

Phone: 902-752-7077 | Location: 335 Bridge Ave, New Glasgow

Alice's Pizza Blue Acres Facebook Page


Café Italia

Phone: 902-928-2233 | Location: 62 Provost Street, New Glasgow 

Café Italia Facebook Page


Chefs' From Away 

Phone: (902) 631-4113 | Location: 277 Washington Street New Glasgow, NS 

Caterer Pictou County | Chefs from Away Catering Website 

Chefs from Away Catering New Glasgow | Facebook Page


China Boat 

Phone: (902) 752-3838 | Location: 21 George St. New Glasgow

Crofter's Steak and Seafood 

Phone: (902) 755-3383 Location: 565 Stellarton Rd., New Glasgow


East Avenue Dining 

Phone: (902) 752-3485 | Location: 200 Provost Street, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

East Avenue Dinning Facebook Page


East Side Family Restaurant

Phone: (902) 755-4242 | Location: 770 E River Rd New Glasgow, Nova Scotia 

East Side Family Restaurant Facebook Page


Greco Pizza

Phone: 310-30-30 | Location: 33 Lavinia St, Westside Plaza

Greco Pizza website | Greco Pizza Facebook Page


Joe Chow's 

Phone: 902-752-4686 | Location: 29 Westville Rd. New Glasgow 

Joe Chow's Restaurant | Facebook


Mamatsu Fresh Asian Kitchen 

Phone: (902) 755-6601 | Location: 205 Provost street, New Glasgow

Mamatsu Fresh Asian Kitchen Facebook Page


Maple Cedar - The Syrian Kitchen

Phone: (902) 695-9999 | Location: 980 East River Road

Maple Cedar's Facebook Page



Location: 700 East River Road

McDonald's menu page 



Phone: (902) 752-4102 | Location: New Glasgow

MING'S Website


Our Turn to Cook

Phone: 902-755-7526 |Location: 116 Provost Street, New Glasgow

Our Turn to Cook Facebook Page


Pictou County Pizza

Phone: (902) 695-3037 |Location: 814 Abercrombie Rd., New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Pictou County Pizza Facebook Page


Pizza Delight - New Glasgow

Pizza in New Glasgow | Pizza Delight Website


Sushi Delight 

Phone: (902) 695-8888| Location: 770 East River Rd, New Glasgow

Sushi Delight New Glasgow | Facebook Page 


The Appleseed Modern Diner

Phone: (902) 695-7333 |Location: 33 MacGregor Ave. New Glasgow

The Appleseed Modern Diner Facebook Page


The Bistro - Closed until May 12, 2021

Phone: (902) 752-4988 Location: 216 Archimedes St., New Glasgow Website

The Bistro Facebook Page


The Coffee Bean 

Phone: 902- 755-1919 | Location: 168 Archimedes St. New Glasgow

The Coffee Bean  Facebook Page


The Dock - Closed for 2 weeks in May.

The Dock Food Spirits & Ales Facebook Page

The Dock Food Spirits & Ales New Glasgow NS - Bing Maps


The Thistle Bar 

Phone: (902) 752-0251 | Location: 612 East River Rd, New Glasgow 

The Thistle Bar | Facebook Page


River Run Cafe

Phone: (902) 695-6111 | Location: 151 Provost Street, New Glasgow 

River Run Cafe Facebook Page



A1 Pizza - Pub & Grill 

Phone: 902-485-2222 | Location: 91 Water Street, Pictou 

A1 Pizza - Pub & Grill | Facebook Page



Phone: 902-485-9299 Location: 8 Church St. Pictou, NS 

Acropole | Facebook Page


Harbour House Ales & Spirits

Phone: (902) 485-1047 | Location: 41 Coleraine Street, Pictou

Harbour House Ales & Spirits Facebook Page


Lyons Brook Pizza 

Phone: (902) 382-2212 | Location: 2400 HWY-376 Pictou

Lyons Brook Pizza Facebook Page


Pictou Lunch Box

Phone: (902) 382-2477 | Location: 2521 HWY 376, Pictou 

Pictou Lunch Box Website

Pictou Lunch Box Facebook Page


Sharon's Place Family Restaurant 

Phone: 902) 485-4669 | Location: 12 Front Street, Pictou

Sharon's Place Family Restaurant Facebook Page



Phone: (902) 396-6893 Location: East River Road, Stellarton, Pictou

Subway Facebook Page


The Stone Soup Café and Catering

Phone: (902) 485-4949 |Location: 41 Water Street, Pictou

The Stone Soup Café and Catering Facebook Page


Water Street Market and Bakery 

Phone: 902-485-8454 | Location: 50 Water Street, Pictou

Water Street Market and Bakery | Facebook Page 

Water Street Market and Bakery Website


Pictou Landing First Nation (PLFN)

Auntie Saun's Takeout

Phone: (902) 301-5588 Location: PLFN

Auntie Saun's Takeout | Facebook



Andre's Pizza & Seats 

Phone: 752-4888 | Location: 243 Foord St, Stellarton, 

Andre's Pizza & Seats Facebook Page


Backstage Brewing Company 

Backstage Brewing Company Online Shop


Ceilidh Drive-in Restaurant

Phone: 902-752-7588 | Location: Blue Acres, Stellarton

Ceilidh Drive-in Restaurant Facebook Page


Gram's Place Cafe and Bakery 

Phone: (902) 752-1002 | Location: 225 South Ford St., Stellarton

Grams Place Cafe and Bakery Facebook Page


Sailor's Galley

Phone: 902-695-3474 | Location: 43 Bridge Avenue, Stellarton

Sailor's Galley | Facebook Page Website 


Sam's Pizza - Stellarton

Sam's Pizza Stellarton Facebook Page




Sam's Pizza - Trenton

Phone: (902) 755-4140 |Location: 106 Main Street, Trenton, Nova Scotia B0K 1X0

Sam's Pizza - Trenton Facebook Page


Shree Curry Place 

Phone: 902-931-0333 |Serving from the Food Truck

Shree Curry Place Facebook Page


Sonny's Diner
Phone: (902) 695-3300 | Location: 102 Main St Trenton

Sonny's Diner | Facebook Page 


Steeltown Takeout 

Location: 149 Main St. Trenton |Phone: (902) 695-5560 

Steeltown Takeout Facebook Page 



Acropole Westville
Phone: (902) 396-1504 | Location: 1832 Main Street, Westville

Acropole Pub & Grill in Westville Facebook Page

Alma's Pizza and Variety (formally Gig's Pizza)

Phone: 902-396-5115 | Location: 5072 Highway 4, Westville NS

Alma's Pizza and Variety Facebook group


Scott's Pizza 

Phone: (902) 396-3822  | Location: 1948 South Main, Westville 

Scott's Pizza Facebook Page

Lin's Takeout
Phone: 902-396-1486 | Location:1785 Main St, Westville

Lin's Takeout Restaurant | Facebook Page


Tim Hortons 

687 East River Road, Phone: (902) 752-0699, Tim Hortons East River website

750 Westville Road, Phone: (902) 752-5988, Tim Hortons Westville Rd. website

242 Westville Road, Phone: (902) 755-1141, Tim Hortons Westville Rd website

65 Weaver Road, Pictou, Phone: (902) 485-1828, Tim Hortons Pictou website

2500 Old Truro Hwy - Exit 21, Phone: Phone: (902) 396-4081, Tim Hortons Westville website


Buy Fresh 


New Glasgow Farmer's Market  

Farmer's Market Website

Farmer's Market Facebook Page




Locations and Phone: 

239 West River Road, Pictou (Pictou) , Phone: 902-485-5841, Sobeys Pictou Facebook page

38 George Street, New Glasgow (Westside), Phone: (902) 755-9777,  Sobeys Westside Facebook page

610 E River Rd, New Glasgow (Aberdeen) , Phone: (902) 752-1066, Sobeys Aberdeen Facebook page

293 Foord St, Stellarton (Stellarton) , Phone: (902) 396-3883, Sobeys Stellarton Facebook page

Sobeys website


Atlantic Superstore

Phone: (902) 928-0066

Location: 394 Westville Road, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia 

Atlantic Superstore website

Atlantic Superstore Facebook page


Crossroads Country Market 

Phone: 902-922-2090

Location: 9489 Sherbrooke Road

Crossroads Country Market website

Crossroads Country Market Facebook page



Phone: 902-396-3883

Location: 1867 Main Street, Westville, NS.