Small Business Week – “Get to know your business community” campaign
Business Profile:

Your responses (please keep brief) and photo will be added to a social media post at the Pictou County Regional Enterprise Network social media sites and to the blog. Please include a photo of yourself by email to go with this profile.

Please feel free to use these tags

#pictoucountyentrepreneurs #meetyourbusinesscommunity #gettoknowyourbusinesscommunity

We encourage each of you to share your own profile and others as they are posted.

Please complete these questions:
  1. Tell us more about your business: (Short description of your business) app. 100 to 150 words.
  2. How can people contact you? (social media, website, shop location etc.)
  3. Other than your business, what local businesses do you encourage others to check out?
Please choose an additional 2-4 questions to answer from the list below. Or, if you have another question that you’d like to respond to, please include it and we will review it.
  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Why do you choose to do business in Pictou County?
  3. What local business do you like to support?
  4. If you were going out to eat in Pictou County, where would you choose?
  5. Outside of the office/shop, you will find me? 
  6. What is your favourite place to walk or hike in Pictou County?
  7. What is your favourite beach in Pictou County?
  8. What is your favourite business to pop into in Pictou County?
  9. What makes you passionate about your business?

 Send the questions and your responses by email to: